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Kathy's Strawbery Shortcake Birthday
Kathy’s 6th Birthday with Strawberry Shortcake

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They say that hindsight is 20/20. It’s no wonder why I can now clearly see why my calling is to be an event planner. It was subtly instilled in me very early in life how to create a memorable party. Each birthday was carefully designed around a theme and most of the time this appeared in the form of a birthday cake. I can still list my birthdays based on my memory of the cake. Some included: Cinderella & her carriage (Age 5), Strawberry Shortcake (Age 6), My Little Pony with the cake in the shape of a “9” (Age 9). The list goes on and on...

{And so quietly a party planner was born}

After her wedding in 2004, Kathy realized what was missing from her corporate event-planning career, and that was the personal connection and gratification that comes from creating events for individuals. So, with ten years of corporate marketing and events experience, Kathy decided to follow her passion and bring her talents to private events and parties.

A graduate of University of the Pacific, Kathy loves brainstorming new events and thrives on creating a unique experience for each one. To friends and associates alike, she’s often called the “go to” girl as she has a knack for finding one-of-a-kind design elements. She loves coming up with themes and interactive activities, and uses her hands-on approach and resourcefulness to pull them off with style.

Each event that Kathy designs is packed with details, details, details. And from start to finish her creativity energy flows through the project and captivates her clients. She cares deeply for the success and beauty of her events and her immaculate organization skills and grace under pressure allows her clients to relax and enjoy the celebration. Kathy’s ultimate goal is to create a personalized experience and even if memories of some details fade, guests will never forget how it made them feel.

Kathy currently resides in San Francisco with her husband Dan & cat Freyja and when her party hat is not on, you can find her either in a hard hat or chef’s hat. She managed her home remodel in 2007 and knows how to swing a hammer and is pretty good at drywall too. And now that she has a beautiful new kitchen, you will find her whipping up the latest gourmet recipes or baking some yummy treats.

Dinner party anyone?