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Rehearsal Dinner Question: What happens at the rehearsal dinner?

Monday, January 24th, 2011

What happens at the rehearsal dinner? What should I expect?

-Molly, Bride-to-be (San Francisco 2011)

First and foremost, the rehearsal dinner is a meal. But what really makes it a unique dinner is that your nearest and dearest friends and family are coming together to wish you well as you begin your married lives together. It’s the kick-off to your wedding and sets the tone for your celebration! The most notable traditional of rehearsal dinners are the toasts (and roasts) from your friends and family. As the father-of-the-bride, best man and maid-of-honor are slated for wedding day toasts, the rehearsal dinner “opens the mic” to other friends and family. This more intimate gathering is the perfect place to toast the couple and share heartfelt stories and well wishes.

Rehearsal Dinner: Question of the Week

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Q: I want my rehearsal dinner to be casual. Do I need to assign seating?

A: Yes! If you are planning anything other than a free-seating picnic on the lawn or cocktail party, I would highly recommend assigning seating for your rehearsal dinner. Reason being:  guests like to feel like they have a seat reserved. We’ve all attended events where people rush into the room and prop the chairs up against the table to save their spot, right? Not only does it ruin the decor you have worked so hard on, but it creates anxious energy. Save your guests and yourself the stress and worry that you won’t have a seat, and assign them. You do not have to specifically assign each chair, just simply designate a table. This creates an informality where guests can still choose their specific seat but they feel more at ease that they have been kindly thought of, and their attendance has been reserved.

I do recommend assigning the bride & groom specific seats. Your guests will want to see your smiling faces. So make sure to pick a primo spot!

I was excited to see this tip highlighted in Daily Candy Weddings since this can often be overlooked.