Special Offers
Whether you are working with a wedding planner or planning the wedding yourself, there is no question, you have a lot to do. Most couples don’t turn their attention to the rehearsal dinner until about four to six months before the wedding. Then the planning process seems to start all over again with: venue selection, guest list, invitation, menus, décor… It can be completely overwhelming.

Let us help you create the first event of your wedding weekend and kick-off the celebration… in style!

Get something off your plate
The average wedding takes an estimated 200 hours to plan. WOW! And I bet that statistic doesn’t include planning the rehearsal dinner. You’ve been working hard and deserve some help! Plus, you deserve even more; how about an evening where you get to relax and enjoy visiting with your closest friends and family?

Feel confident that you are in good hands
With all the time and energy you are putting into the wedding, wouldn’t you like this night to be just as fantastic? Okay, now we are not talking about upstaging the wedding because the best thing about the rehearsal dinner is that it can be completely different and fabulous in its own right.

Share the party planning
A wedding is a festive time where many people are eager to be involved. Sharing the planning process with (for example) your future mother-in-law allows you to focus on the big day but stay in the loop of the rehearsal dinner preparation. This gives everyone peace-of-mind that the rehearsal dinner compliments the wedding and connects the overall celebration.

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