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As the host of the rehearsal dinner, you have the exciting task of planning the first event of the wedding celebration. This night can be a more intimate evening with close friends and family or a grand party including all the out-of-town guests. No matter what size your guest list, you want this night to be a special prelude to the big day.

Our focus is to help you create an evening that is more than just a dinner. From venue selection to personal event design, we promise your rehearsal dinner will be worth talking about.

Tap into your own personal party planner
In planning any event, the first question is “where do I start?” And it becomes an even bigger question to answer when the event is the night before such a milestone as a wedding celebration. Well Rehearsed is your personal resource during this planning, providing you services and guidance where you need it most and giving you support and peace of mind about your event decisions.

Create a memorable event
Dinner + Friends & Family + Bride & Groom = Rehearsal Dinner. That may be the typical rehearsal dinner equation. But why be typical? This is a night to celebrate the uniqueness of the couple before their union. By personalizing the event, the memory of the entire celebration can be extended!

Host your guests and yourself
Planning a party can be a lot of fun. But as the party planner and host you become the “go to” person. Well Rehearsed allows you to enjoy more time with your friends and family who have traveled so far, by allowing you to be a guest at your own event. Enjoy pampering your guests and yourself!